Nuts & Bolts All about the studio

The studio was built in 1970 with the intention of creating a spectacular recording room with great acoustics and perfect isolation from the outside world. The building is cut off from one of the busiest intersections in Hollywood and you can hear a pin drop inside. The isolation is complete enough to do foley work.


Acoustically the live room offers a variety of sound environments. There isn’t a parallel wall in the live area or any of the three isolation booths. All the recording sections have been designed with just the right amount of absorptive to reflective surfaces. In the main room, large ambient room sounds or 70’s style dampened sounds can be achieved. There is even a super trapped area for a claustrophobic ultra dry sound.


For bands that prefer to build their tracks, the versatility of the recording area is superb. Sounds can be contoured to fit particular songs and the varieties that can be achieved are inspiring. Also, for the bands that want to play together to interact as live as possible, the isolation offered and sight lines are superb. Artists can also mix their own headphones to get the perfect balance while tracking.

The control room

The control room is one of the best in Los Angeles. Designed by Vince Van Hoff, it is an unequalized control room that gives the engineer remarkable detail while mixing or recording. The large monitors and near fields give a very accurate sound picture that translates very well out of the studio.

Who has recorded at the studio

George Duke, Smokey Robinson, Ambrosia and Burt Bacharach were some of the artists who loved working at this studio back when it was called Mama Jos. Now as Dave’s Room, Bob Dylan, Rufus Wainright, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Bettye LaVette, A Fine Frenzy, Tift Merritt and many others have added to the legacy.